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What I Do


“I’ve never really built a steady habit of exercise and healthy eating. I need to get fit and healthy but I’m just too busy and lack self-discipline.”

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Monthly Personal Training Programe

“I want to exercise more regularly because it makes me feel good. But I have lots of work and family commitments so it’s hard to motivate myself and find the time.”

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Nutritional Therapy Programme

“I know my diet isn’t great. I often lack energy, am putting on weight and I don’t feel 100%. I find it hard to make lasting changes and don’t really understand how. I worry that I am in a general decline.”

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Latest News

Seed Porridge

I came across this recipe after searching for a dairy and grain free porridge type breakfast.  A recent DNA test has revealed that I am slightly lactose intolerant, so I have decided to reduce my lactose intake.  I wanted a breakfast that wasn’t grains, eggs,...

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Is strength and power important?

Are you getting more aches and pains?  Do you have a family history of osteoporosis?  Have you found yourself in the gym watching the 20 and 30 somethings leap onto high boxes and lift heavy weights but tell yourself you are too old for that? If the answer is yes to...

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Flaxseeds for Breakfast

  I love flaxseeds and I’ve found them to be a great alternative to muesli.  My favourite breakfast is berries, full fat Natural Greek Yoghurt, nuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds.  It is quick and easy to prepare, filling and nutritious.  But why...

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What My Clients Say

My sessions with Loliya were varied and had just the right level to push me that bit harder than I would push myself, without making me feel I couldn’t do it. Loliya takes the time to gently correct the exercises so that I got the maximum from each move. She is very precise and always encouraging.

Most importantly for me was that Loliya looked at me in a holistic way – not just giving me a set of exercises to do, but explaining why, thinking about my lifestyle, how I move, how I stand and the challenges I face when trying to be fit and well. I have no hesitation in recommending Loliya – she’s very skilled and also very good company

Maria Cox

Loliya has a wealth of experience which she shares with her clients in a methodical way.  Loliya breaks down the nuts and bolts of each move and very helpfully points out what is to be gained from approaching each activity correctly.  She clearly understands that a one size fits all approach to exercise is not sustainable for her clients.  She listens, observes and adapts sessions accordingly.  Before I started working with Loliya I had lost my way exercise-wise due to being fearful of aggravating a recurring back injury.  Thanks to Loliya, I am stronger, more confident about what I can do and more flexible than I have been in years.  I now feel positive about improving my fitness level still further.

Caroline Haastrup


A year after a gall bladder removal I was still vomiting bile and was in pain. Already thin, I had lost nearly a stone and a half and was physically weak . . . Thankfully, Loliya was recommended to me. Three appointments at approximately monthly intervals later- I was putting on weight, the bile attacks ceased and I was healthy again. She understood that each person is an individual needing individually tailored solutions.

Her frequent email check-ins meant that I always had quick replies to my questions. I do sincerely owe my present good health to Loliya. She gave me my life back

Mary Cunningham

“I’m an actor and was preparing to play an incredibly fit soldier and mixed martial artist in the BBC’s recent film of King Lear. I am neither of those things, so I really had a lot of work to do to be believable as that character.

I had no real idea of how to prepare for this role from a nutritional perspective, and with a limited timeframe I needed expert help.

Loliya was incredible; after an extensive interview with me she put together a nutritional programme that evolved and changed every week. The results were unbelievable, I was stripping fat rapidly and then building muscle equally rapidly. She checked in with me once a week and made adjustments to the plan, according to how I was progressing.

Since working with Loliya I have permanently changed the way I eat; I have way more energy now, and way less brain fog than I used to.
I cannot recommend working with her highly enough.”

John Macmillan