Nutritional Therapy Programme

“I know my diet isn’t great. I often lack energy, am putting on weight and I don’t feel 100%. I find it hard to make lasting changes and don’t really understand how to. I worry that I am in general decline somehow.”

Where you are at now

You know you want to start eating more healthily so that you look better and feel good. You are confused by all the dietary information around. You may have a sense that all is not well with your health, and that your eating lies at the heart of the matter.

What you need

You want someone to advise you on optimum nutrition. You want to be supported whilst you make the necessary changes in order to move quickly towards achieving your goals.

What will suit you best is the Nutritional Therapy Programme

A personalised and tailored programme with the potential to transform your relationship with food, designed to help you achieve your goals and manage dietary-based chronic complaints. I will advise you on what to eat, without having to count calories! I will support you whilst you make necessary changes in order to move you towards achieving your goals.


  • Improved energy levels
  • Weight management (if desired)
  • Accountability
  • Address dietary related health concerns
  • Develop positive healthy eating and exercise habits
Packages include:
  • 1 x 90mins tailored initial nutritional consultation and full health assessment and goal setting
  • Personalised written Nutritional programmes
  • Fitness advice
  • 60 mins follow-up nutritional consultations
  • Regular email check ins
  • Note Biochemical tests (eg mineral and vitamin status, Adrenal Stress tests, hormone tests), DNA Tests and supplements, if needed, additional.

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