Personal Training Programme

“I want to exercise more regularly because it makes me feel good. But I have lots of work and family commitments, it’s hard to motivate myself and find the time.”

Where you are at now

You may have never exercised before or you try to exercise regularly because you want to stay feeling and looking good.  But you lack motivation or confidence because of your weight, you feel too old, your knees and back hurt or you feel too tired.  You are busy with work and family and often find it hard to fit in exercise. When you exercise you tend to do the same thing and perhaps experience decreasing results?

What will suit you best is the Personal Training Programme

Working with a personal trainer means you get more from your training programme. Learn new, safe and motivating approaches to exercise in order to move forward safely, have more fun. We negotiate a regular time and a varied, enjoyable programme. I closely supervise what to do and teach how to do it.


  • Increased energy levels
  • Address postural and muscular imbalances
  • Exercise around injuries or joint problems
  • Feel physically fitter and stronger
  • Move better
  • Accountability
  • Develop positive healthy exercise habits
Packages include:
  • Health, fitness and postural assessment and goal setting
  • 1-2-1 60 mins personalised training sessions (pilates, resistance, cardiovascular exercises are used)
  • Planned progressive programmes and reassessments

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